A Suggested Standard Repertoire for Beginning Fiddlers
Cock of the North (a.k.a. Chase me Charlie
Open String Blues
Jack Rabbit Hop

Rubber Dolly
Short Bow Jig
Smile Awhile
Road to Boston
Joys of Quebec
Old Joe Clark
Tennessee Waltz
Cripple Creek
Log Drivers Waltz
Pelican Reel
Skye Boat Song
Cree Hymn

Irish Washerwoman
Liza Jane
Curly Hair
Westphalia Waltz
Waltz Quadrille
Cherokee  Shuffle
Flop Eared Mule
Red Wing
Country Waltz
Black Velvet Waltz
I’se the Bye
Peek a Boo Waltz
Faded Love
Paul’s Jig
John Ryans Polka
Seven Step
Waltz of Old Quebec
Kerry Polka

The following list of tunes is presented as a good starting point for beginning fiddlers.  The idea is that if a “new” fiddler can play pieces from this list he will be able to jam anywhere in Canada

The pieces are easy enough for a beginner and music scores are available on this site.





Here were the tunes taught at the different levels at the frontier jamboree last year........

LEVEL 1 TUNES                                                                       

Mary Had A Little Lamb                 Drunken Sailor                              Old Joe Clark                                 Twinkle Little Star                                     Faded Love                                   Jo's Ode

Shoe Polka                                   Cree Hymn                                               French Folk Song                         Short Bow Jig

Red River Valley                          Boil Them Cabbage Down                                         Joys Of Quebec                           Rubber Dolly                                             Mussels in The Corner                 String Crossing Study
Flop Eared Mule                                       Curly Haired Girl                                     

Devil's Dream                                 Chase Me Charlie                         Wild Wood Flower                          Swallowtail Jig                                           Pelican Reel                                  On The Road To Boston
Snowdeer Two Step                      Jessica Waltz                                 Mississippi Cajun                           The Leprechaun                                         Red Wing                                     The Girl I Left Behind
100 Pipers

Buckskin Reel                                  Peek-A-Boo Waltz                       Bowing The Strings                          Chinese Breakdown                                   Whiskey Before Breakfast             Old Man and Old Woman
St. Anne's Reel                                 Danny Boy                                    Soldier's Joy                                     Buffalo Gals                                                Rakes of Kildare                              Joe's Dedication
Country Waltz                        Devil's Dream (Fancy version)                                           Hobo Jig

Big John McNeil                            Brenda Stubberts                           TamLynn's Reel                   Any Three Waltzes with Vibrato                  Buck Fever Rag                            Three Octave Scales
Orange Blossom Special                 Gallagher's Frolics                          Catharsis                                         Rambling Pitchfork                                      Ashokan Farewell                          In The Bush With Grandpa
Emma Lake Air                                Weim's Reel                                  Flaming Arrow                                 Wizard's Walk                                            King's Reel                                    River Bend Jig
Mason's Apron                              Gravel Walk                                  Allen's Bar        

The level 3 & 4 tunes are getting in to some pretty tough tunes,